We believe that every moment of celebration goes hand in hand with great music. Be it birthday party, engagement party, prom night or BBQ party, we’ve got the right DJ for you.

Corporate Events

Office parties, award ceremonies, conferences and all work related events. We work closely with you and our Client Portal provides you with all the necessary tools to plan your event, including specifically designed corporate event planner forms. One to one planning meetings can be arranged where necessary.


A wedding is one of the most important and memorable day in anyone’s life and Kend Vibes Entertainment DJs and MCs are fully aware of this. We put in every effort to make sure everyone enjoys your big day. We work closely with you and our online client portal helps you plan for your big day, from your songs selection to and planning of the activities. We provide high end professional equipment to give you the ultimate DJ experience and we have the experience to always get it right.

Parties/Club Nights

We can provide a DJ, high definition sound and lighting system. Our DJs are uniquely selected depending on the event’s theme and our style extends to video mixing if needed to add a visual stimulant to the atmosphere. Please feel free to inquire regarding special promotions. We also help with club promotion, please get in touch on for more information.

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About Us

Kend Vibes Entertainment is a team of versatile and talented Artists, Bands, DJs and MCs. We are passionate about what we do and give our clients a professional and reliable service. Our dynamic approach makes us adaptable and ensures that we cater to a diverse range of music styles and genres.

We use the latest mixing technology, sound system and access the world’s largest music libraries to provide quality curated events. Our state of the art lighting equipment meets the needs for small to large sized venues and small outdoor parties

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Our DJ’s and artist are well equipped to handle challenging situations 

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Our client portal allows you to select your song choices via Spotify 

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