Ken D

Primarily Ken D’s musical influence came from his father’s extensive record collection. He grew up on a lot motown, 60’s to 90’s disco, afro-pop, and a fusion of afro-jazz and house. Apart from his father’s collection, he has always been a huge fan of hip hop, r&b and dancehall. Ken D has also developed a strong interest in house music over the years and even though he is not primarily a house DJ, he will definitely throw in those nods here and there.

Be it a local pub/club event, corporate event, wedding or private party, his love for music go beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. As an event promoter, mood lighting programmer and by creating song re-edits, redrums and mushups, he has always found plenty of ways to express himself musically. Music is his therapy, allowing him to escape the daily stresses and decompress. 

“He plays emotive, hypnotic and feel-good music with a beat that commands the feet to move”